Safeway Deals 5/5-5/11

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You can see Safeway’s coupon policy right HERE. Most stores will allow you to stack a manufacturer coupon with the store coupons that can be found in the weekly circulars. You will want to be sure to get a club card for Safeway to take advantage of the sale prices! Safeway sale prices tend to vary from region to region so you will always want to double check your local ad! Also, I do not have double coupons in my area so your prices are likely much better than mine!

NOTE: In ad coupons can be stacked at most stores with manufacturer coupons. They do require a minimum $10 pre coupon purchase!

NOTE: The ad did not post for Sacramento at tonight so I had to use the Vons ad from Fresno. My local readers should double check the ad before you head out this week!

juice at sfwy

There is a juice promo starting at Safeway- Buy 5 Juices (Mix and Match) and get $5 off at checkout.

The prices below are AFTER the $5 discount has been applied. You must purchase all 5 in one transaction with a limit of 20 items per transaction.  Be sure to buy in multiples of 5 if you decide to stock up!

Tree Top Juice $1.49
Use $1/2 HERE (turn off pop up blocker)
Final Price: .99

Mott’s Juice $1.49

Capri Sun $1.49
Use $1/1 from 4/25 SS (Sunrise Flavor)
Final Price: .49

V-8 Fusion $1.99
Use $1/1 HERE or HERE
Final Price: .99

Langers $1.99
Use $1/2 Disney by Langers Juice (if included) HERE
Final Price: $1.49 each

V-8 Juice $1.99

Welch’s Juice $1.99
Use $1/1 HERE or HERE
Final Price: .99

Buitoni Pastas or Sauces $2.99
Use $1/1 HERE
Final Price: $1.99

Fresh Boneless, Skinless Chicken $1.97/lb

4lbs Strawberries $3.99

Fresh Express Salad Kits $1.98

General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios or Cinnamon Toast Crunch $1.49
Use .55/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch HERE
Use $1/2 Cheerios from 5/2 SS
Final Price: $.94-.99 each
*There is a .55/1 Honey Nut Cheerios e-coupon!

Lucerne Yogurt 6pk $1.99

Sweet White Corn $2/5

Birdseye Steamfresh Veggies $1.66

Use .50/1 from 5/2 SS
Final Price: $1.16 or .66 with doubles

Freschetta Pizzas $4.99

Use $1/1 from 3/7 SS
Final Price: $3.99

Jimmy Dean Sausage $3.99 for 2

Use $2/2 from 3/28 RP
or Use Buy One Get One Free from 3/28 RP (regional coupon)
Final Price: FREE- 1.99 for 2

Wesson Cooking Oil 48oz $2.49
Use $1/2 from April All You
Final Price: $1.99 each
*You might also have an old e-coupon for $1 off Wesson on your card

Fage Greek Yogurt $1.66
Use $1/1 HERE
Final Price: .66

Lucerne 18 Ct Eggs $1.88 with in ad coupon

Klondike Novelties $1.99 with in ad coupon

Safeway Frozen Potatoes $1.99 with in ad coupon

All Laundry Soap 32 oz – 50 oz $2.99 with in ad coupon
Use $1/1 HERE
Final Price: $1.99

2L Pepsi or 7up .99 each when you buy 4
Use $1/1 7up coupon (if you printed it HERE)
Final Price: FREE

Safeway Peanut Butter .99 with in ad coupon

Safeway Buttertop Bread $.99 with in ad coupon

Oscar Mayer Deli Lunch Meat $2.49
Use $2/1 Facebook coupon HERE
Final Price: .49

Del Monte Fruit Cups $1.49 with in ad coupon
Use $1.50/2 from 4/11 RP (if Sugar Free is included)
Final Price: $1.48 for 2

Ziploc Bags $1.49
Use .55/1 from 3/21 SS
Final Price: .94 each
*Don’t forget the $5 rebate HERE when you buy 3

Pampers or Huggies $7.99
Use $1.50/1 from 5/2 P&G (pampers)- look for $2 off Pampers blinkies in store!
or Use $1.50/1 any Huggies from 4/18 SS
Final Price: $6.49
*Be sure to check for the Pampers e-coupons HERE as well!

Unadvertised Deal:

Milton’s Bread $2.49
Use $1/1 HERE (zip: 95519)
Final Price: $1.49
*You can also find a $1 off coupon at

**The current catalina offers list is available HERE.

EDITED: Here are a few extra deals for Nor CA:

Safeway Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.69 (4lb frozen bag)
Use $1/1 HERE
Final Price: $5.79 for 4 lbs or $1.44/lb (this is the lowest price these get)

Golden Sweet Pineapple $1.98
Use .50/1 HERE
Final Price: $1.48

Thanks Laura!


  1. barbara says

    I found some cheese $1.00 coupons in the deli section they were on a display with some recipe cards and a booklet they are for the fancy cheese like brie and gouda

  2. Tiffany says

    I wanted to mention that there are e-coupons for the Motts and Welch’s on Safeway’s website… making the Motts .99 and the Welch’s free when combined with paper mfq.

    There is also an e-coupon for All on Safeway’s website, making it only .99.

    I also got a Mother’s day circular this week: buy 2 Betty Crocker brownie mix, cookie mix, cake mix and/or frosting and get 3 free. There are several e-coupons available, plus paper coupons. I did a scenario and you can potentially get 2 cookie mixes, 2 frostings and 1 cake mix for only .24 ! And this INCLUDES tax !

    There’s also a .25 coupon for the Wesson oil.

  3. Charlene says

    Hi Tiffany- thanks for letting us know- I actually don’t think it is the correct use of coupons to combine the ones on with the manufacturer ones so I don’t encourage stacking them in my posts. I know it can be done but since they are issued from the same company I just don’t think it is the right thing to do. I know that is confusing because you technically can stack e-coupons but I just personally think stacking the on the Safeway site and printables is probably not the right thing to do. Sorry :(

  4. Amy says

    Can someone confirm that the Sunrise Caprisun’s are included in the sale?

  5. Mary says

    Just went to Tom Thumb (Safeway) and yes the Capri Sunrise are included in the deal

  6. Tina says

    Yes the capri- sunrise are part of the sale. And I bought the no sugar added del monte fruit cups and used the in add coupon and the MQ Too!!!

  7. Laura Williams says

    One difference between No CA and Fresno ad is the chicken special. We did get the 1.97 for the fresh chicken but we got a little bit better deal on the frozen.
    The frozen boneless skinless chicken breast 4 lb bags are 1.69/lb. On the safeway site there is a coupon you can load to your card for 1.00 off making it 1.44/lb!!

  8. Laura Williams says

    Also pineapple is on the ad for 1.98 with a .50 coupon you can load to your card making it 1.48!

  9. Rayanne says

    The Del Monte Fruit Chillers are on sale for $1.99. Use the $1/1 coupon from and they are $.99. There is also an additional Cinnamon Toast Crunch coupon ($.55/1) available through

  10. Danielle @ Sacramento Green Deals says

    My ad also included a Mother’s Day insert with a coupon for Odwalla 64-oz. carrot or orange juice for $2.99. My store has hang tag coupons right now for $1 off, making this just $1.99. That’s a great price for Odwalla.

  11. angela p says

    On the juice deal… is it a limit of 20 juices per transaction or do you have to have a limit of 20 items total for the juice deal?

  12. Sheila C says

    Was the caprisun coupon regional? I swear, I have looked through it a million times…I’m positive i didn’t get it! BUMMER

  13. says

    Do you find any quality difference between buying the frozen chicken breasts and buying fresh than freezing them yourself? Seems like it would be the same, but I have never bought frozen for some reason….

  14. Charlene says

    Madeline I love the frozen chicken because I have to interact with it the least :) I am a veggie so the frozen goes into the crockpot or my husband deals with it. I guess fresh is nicer for those that cook right away?

  15. Laura Williams says

    Madeline, I like the frozen chicken because it is flash frozen into the individual pieces so I can just take out 2 or 3 if it is just our little family or I use more when I am cooking for a crowd. The quality seems the same to me as the Safeway fresh chicken (though to be honest it has been a looooong time since I got fresh because I always just do the frozen).

  16. says

    I have a general Safeway question for you. My friend lives in South Dakota. Her only choice of grocery store is Safeway. Are these deals good for only one region of Safeway? Do you know anyone else who does ad matchups for different regions if they have more than one?

    Thank you for any help you can give me. I would love to pass on my couponing passion with her.

  17. Roni says

    Saved 81% today at Safeway…Thanks Charlene.

    FYI: I found a coupon book at Safeway today, Shrek-tacular Savings $10 worth of coupons (General Mills cereals, Pillsbury and Betty Crocker products)

  18. Lori says

    I’ve been finding copious numbers of Jimmy Dean coupons for $2/2, so combined with the Safeway sale, they are $1 each. Last night, while doing a large shopping trip, something triggered a $2 off JD coupon, which the cashier applied to that sale. Plus, I just found 2 more JD coupons via Food Lion’s website, so I’m back to Safeway this afternoon while I’m out on errands! I’ll end up freezing all this sausage, but this is the best price I’ve seen on it in a long time.

    My local store also has 97% lean ground beef on sale for $2.99/#, which is the best price I’ve seen in a while (I know it gets better, but needed some beef), and stocked up on lots of chicken. We’ll be freezing chicken, too.

  19. Catherine says

    Safeway clearance: they have cover girl cosmetics at 50% at the Sacramento area Safeway stores. If you use the $2.50 off two Cover Girl items, you can get 2 Cover Girl powders for $3.24 less the $2.50 Q, so really great deal.

    74 cents for both pressed powders :)

  20. Catherine says

    Safeway Q Alert:

    I found the $1 off O Organics products at the pharmacy. There was a stack of them on the counter.

    Also the Sara Lee Soft n Smooth Bread had tear offs for $1/2 Soft n Smooth products


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