Hefty Bags $.75 at Safeway

Hefty One Zip bags are priced at $1.25 at my Safeway when you buy 4.  There is a $1/2 Hefty coupon that makes them .75 each when you buy 4.

That is a really good deal for those of you with $1 doubles- for those of us without doubles I still think this is a decent price.  My store had 3 sizes available at $1.25.

Don’t forget the great deal on Ziploc containers as well!


  1. SavinginLA says

    Thanks Charlene. I just did this deal today. My store doubles the first coupon upto 1$, so I used 1$/2 IP, and one 55c on 2. So total was 3.44 after Qs. I used a 2$ catalina from the ziploc deal and paid 1.44 in cash. Will do it again one more time, since I have 2 of each Q.

    My boxes also had 15c off instantly on the boxes.
    One question – will the coupons work if they use the 15c off also?


  2. Charlene says

    That is an odd thing and I can’t say I know why. But I have heard from older cashiers that you can use a peelie coupon in conjunction with a manufacturer coupon. I have had them do it before- actually on Hefty bags. So apparently that is perfectly legit although I don’t have an explanation as to why since they are both MQs.

    So if you get one of those cashiers that scans the peelie and the coupon you should be fine- I didn’t have beeps when I had that happen.

  3. SavinginLA says

    Thanks Charlene. I stopped her from doing that. The next run, I will try that after having her scan the MQs first.

  4. Catherine says

    i did this deal today before i even saw this post. i bought 4 boxes of the gallon size for $1.25 and had two Internet Q’s for $1/2.

    i’m in Sacto so no doubles, but i’m happy anyway

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