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Here is a vlog for new couponers on how to get your hands on the best coupons.  If everyone can politely pretend they don’t see the crayon on the back of the door that would be lovely.

Here are the basics:

* Newspaper Subscriptions. This is the best way to get coupons.  Usually these are found in the Sunday paper but you might check your local newspaper 7 days a week just to see.  In my area, the coupons are available in the Thursday paper which is .50- so much cheaper than buying extra copies of the Sunday paper!

You can also get a better deal on Sunday papers by checking your local Dollar Store or discount store (like a Big Lots etc..)  You might make a phone call and see if they sell discounted Sunday papers.

* Internet Coupons. I mentioned coupons.comSmart Source and Red Plum – these are usually the best resources for coupons and I keep you updated on new ones that come out.

* Magazines! I post the All You coupons each month so you know exactly what to expect.  Otherwise I mentioned Babytalk and American Baby which are free right now.  I post other free magazines regularly but they tend to go very quickly.

* Go Direct. Check the web sites for brands you like- they often have great coupons.  You can also subscribe to newsletters and like them on Facebook since they might also release coupons that way.  You can call or email companies as well and they might send you some great coupons!  I posted a list of companies to get started with HERE.

Feel free to leave any great tips you have for finding coupons in the comments below!


  1. Jo says

    Thanks for an great informative video! I often forget to check about the random in store coupons, so I will be more vigilant about that now. As always, great job!

  2. Dee says

    Our local library has a coupon exchange. Luckily someone who donates coupons doesn’t want a lot of the one I do want. 😉 There are three baskets on a table. We all bring our coupons already clipped.

    Also, our local free weekly paper has the SmartSource flyer, but not Redplum. Many people don’t want the coupons and toss them on the bottom of the paper rack.

    I also ask my friends who get the Sunday paper, but don’t coupon for their flyers.

    Whole Foods has a magazine in the store with coupons. A web site with coupons for organics is MamboSprouts.com

    Good idea about discounted Sunday papers at Big Lots or the dollar store. I hadn’t thought of that.

  3. Denise says

    Great video. Just wish I wouldn’t have been distracted by the crayon mark on the back of the door. HAHAHAHA. Just kidding.

  4. Nicole says

    Charlene I was wondering if you have or could have a post of how you keep your coupons together and organized?? I want to make a coupon binder because right now I have a basket with stacks of coupons and right before I leave for the store I have to go through the whole stack of mess, and then when I get to the store I am kicking myself when something I see is on clearance and I know that I have a coupon to get that product free or close to it!! Any help would be greatfully appreciated!! Thanks!!

  5. Tina says

    Awesome vlog!! I also want to point out that If you subscribe to a newsletter from resturants like (Wendy’s or Denny’s) etc. I always get coupons in my inbox and on my birthday Almost every place sent me a free item coupon to celebrate!! Thanks again .

  6. Julia says

    Great information! Totally true about the difference in coupon inserts for different papers. I live in Indiana and the city paper has hardly any…..but the Indianapolis Star has a lot more, all the good ones! So, that is the paper that I get now!

  7. Mona says

    Thank you! Keep the vlogs coming, love them. So, I have found that taking the time to call a company and compliment or even to share a complaint will definitely get you some good coupons. I had trouble opening every single bottle of a certain beverage. I called the company, he took all of the information, then sent me 2 coupons for free product. I also called a company because the coupons on the front of the package tore when I peeled them off. I just got 4 $4 off coupons in the mail yesterday! THey want to hear from consumers, whether good or bad. They need the feedback. THanks Charlene, you rock!

  8. says

    Thanks very much. Good Job!!. Here in WA state we don’t get anymore RedPlum coupons insert on the sunday paper.

  9. says

    Doctor’s office! I’ve gotten free samples, for magazines (with coupons inside) and coupon fliers while sitting in the waiting room.

  10. judy says

    My local WalMart discounts the Sunday (and daily) newspaper. I believe it is @ the same % as magazines are discounted.

  11. Judy G says

    At Christmas time I sent a gift card to my newspaper carrier and included a note wishing a Merry Christmas. I also wrote that if he ever has any extra coupon inserts, I would love to have them. Ever since, I have been receiving 3+ copies of each insert every week. I recently sent a thank you for all his efforts.

  12. Amber says

    Somebody mentioned once that they check at McDonalds and Starbucks on Sundays b/c people go to read the papers and often leave the ads and coupons untouched. And, yes I have learned my lesson about leaving coupons at home- so everytime I go out I bring my binders (yes there are 2 of them).

  13. says

    Great video and Awesome tips!! We don’t get many coupons in our Sunday paper and I used to never have the ones needed to get the deals, I started using http://www.couponclippingcrew.com a few months ago and it has completely changed couponing for me, I love it. I can go online ( she usually has the coupons up for the next week early ) order what I need for the next week, its inexpensive, shipping is free with any order over $5 and even if you don’t hit the $5 it’s cheap, also for every dollar you spend you earn rewards that can be used for money off your next orders. The only downside is waiting for them but I usually order Sunday or Monday and have them mid week so not to bad, still gives me plenty of time to get that weeks sales. I love when there is a really good coupon like the $1 off lunchables or the $2 off all one and I was able to stock up on it and get lots of those free.

    I know there are lots of other places online you can order coupons but this is the only one I have used so far, I have browsed a few others and they were a bit more overwhelming than this one.

    I highly recommend anyone who doesn’t get many coupons in their papers to try it out.

    Thanks Again for this post :)

    @ Judy, That is AWESOME, such a good idea!!!

  14. Charlene says

    Funny. So I never get this response when it is in the normal ponytail. I might try brushing it more often ;P

  15. Nicole says

    Thanks Erica, found it!! I have tried the evelope thing but not like this in a nice bag! I usually have a zip lock baggie and it ends up a mess! I was thinking of doing a binder but they do seem big, maybe I find a inbetween size! Thanks!!

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