Rite Aid Wellness Program Starting Tomorrow

wellness card

There is a new Wellness program at Rite Aid that officially rolls out nationwide starting tomorrow.  This program has been available in a few test markets so some of you may already be using the program.

Now this is going to take a little while to fully understand because there are a lot of great aspects to this program.  I want to be very certain that we are sticking to the perimeters of the program carefully so that it lasts!  There are lots of programs disappearing due to misuse and fraud so hopefully I can pass along the right information to all of you.

Now this is going to be awesome so if you like Rite Aid you will want to sort through all this to understand it.

Where to Begin:

If you are currently registered to submit rebates for Rite Aid, you should automatically get a card in the mail very soon.  It will look like the one pictured above.  If you don’t get it, they should be available in most stores starting tomorrow (4/18) or you will be able to register online HERE very soon.

Got the Card- Now What?

1. Get 10% off a one time visit! Now this is going to be awesome.  Every single time you make a purchase be sure to scan your card FIRST.  Your precoupon amount earns 1 point for each dollar.  So if you have a $10 pre-coupon purchase, you earn 10 points.

Once you hit 125 points, you will get a savings pass to use for 10% off an entire purchase.  So if shampoo is listed at $3 and you have a savings pass- you will pay $2.70!  When combined with coupons you can just imagine how great this might be!

This is tricky business because you either get 10% off the REGULAR price of an item OR the sale price whichever is better.  So if the shampoo above is regularly $4.00 and on sale for $3.00 than you would get the $3.00 price because that is lower than $4.00- minus a 10% discount.

Now once you get your card in the mail check it carefully because some select customers are getting additional savings passes with the cards.  You can also earn 25 points for every prescription filled (not valid in NY/NJ).

You also get 10% off Rite Aid brand items every single time you use your card.

Now if you hit 500 points (and with coupons this could be done in just a few months) you get a 10% off pass for the entire calendar year.

2. Even more coupons!

They will be issuing wellness coupons that are going to make for some pretty sweet deals.  The coupons look like THIS and they will come via email.  I will be posting them as they come or you can log into your account HERE and see what you get.

You can also expect to see little coupons on the bottom of your receipt- similar to how ECBs print at CVS.

Here is the tricky business with these coupons (the ones that print on your receipt):

1. You can only use 1 per transaction!!

2. You CAN combine them with dollar off coupons- like $5/25 coupons but you can not combine them with ad perk coupons.

So this program is new to me just as it is new to most of you and I am sure we will all have questions that come up. Be sure to leave them in the comments and I will get the correct answers from Rite Aid and pass the information back to you!

For those of you that live in the Wellness test markets- if you have any additional comments about this program we’d love to hear from you!

One other note- you can expect to see tons of extra deals that pop up throughout the week outside of my regular weekend posts- not to mention the new coupons that will be available.  If you are not a regular reader of MFA you may want to click on that Rite Aid category on the right side each time you visit to be sure you haven’t missed any great deals.


  1. Pat Wertz says

    I’m REALLY UPSET and not sure if I’ll ever put my foot inside another Rite Aid Store:
    I was in one of your stores the other day picking up a few needed items and noticed according to the the shelf signs some of these things were on sale. However, when I went to check-out I was asked if I had a “Wellness Protection Card”, I told her “No, never heard of it”, whereby she pulled out an application and TOLD me to fill it out. Now I was in a hurry, besides I never heard of this “Wellness Protection Card” and wanted to check out what this was about first; so I told her, no thank you. She told me that I could NOT have any item at the sale price without this card.
    Let me tell you that Not one of the sale signs attached to the shelf stated I needed a card to get the sale price. When did you become a Card carrying Club — sale items for members only? This has got to be against the Law!!

    Pat Wertz

  2. Charlene says

    Pat is it really new. In fact last week I started noticing prices were different in the ad for wellness members. I think it is the same at grocery stores- you don’t get a certain price at Safeway without a club card.

  3. Barbara A says

    I live in NJ and we have had this program for a while. I love this program. You get so many great deals. I am at gold which means that they think that I have spent a lot. They count everything before coupons and UpRewards. I get a 20% discount now on everything that isn’t on sale for less. You still have some rewards that get mailed but most are printed on the bottom of the register receipt. You can use them to buy anything not like Walgreens. You can roll them right away. There have been so many great deals. I am surprised how upset Pat is. I have a store card for every store except Walgreens. You want them to keep track for rewards. These rewards are only good on your account. You really need a card. You will love this program. I feel bad that you have missed out on so much. They have so many bonus rewards. Like spend $100 not all at once and get an extra $20. I am so excited for you all to have this now….

  4. Jane Customer says

    I was scammed at Rite Aid today. I don’t usually shop there, but had to stop in so while waiting for a prescription, took my time and selected two wind chimes that were on sale – a big sign – 50% off. The register rang them up normal price. The cashier then pointed out to me that I needed the WELLNESS CARD to get the sale price. ???!!!!!??!! Sure enough, the large sign had in very small letters at the very bottom that you needed a WELLNESS CARD.

    What a scammy program. I won’t go there again. I was so angry that I came home and sought out other complaints about this on the Internet and found quite a few.


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  3. […] sure to read about the new Wellness program at Rite Aid HERE! Many of these prices are only available with this card- they are clearly indicated in the […]

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