Free Lightbulbs Back at Target!

GE energy smart

I had a very long list of coupons and prices to check at Target and I will be posting a few deals I spotted tonight a little later.  I did want to let you know that the free lightbulbs are back and I would recommend printing the coupons while you can!

I found GE Energy Smart lightbulbs starting at $2.99.
Use the $2 off Target coupon HERE
and stack it with the $1 off HERE

And you should get them free!

You can see even more deals HERE and HERE.


  1. says

    These are a money maker! When I went to Target to purchase these the tag said 2.99, so I used my $2 Target coupon and $1 mfg coupon. When I got home I realized that they only charged me .99 for these light bulbs!! I “bought” 3 of them so I actually made $6.00!!


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