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Do you get Parents magazine?  I know I have a free subscription and maybe you do too!  If so, you might check the new May issue pictured above as page 95 has a CVS coupon for $3 off Pampers Dry Max Cruisers or Swaddlers- a Jumbo pack or box.

I am hoping we see this coupon in more May issues of magazines- so if you spot one please come back and let us know!

You might want to hold onto this coupon for the week of April 25th when we see the next Pampers sale at CVS.

CVS and pampers

They will have Jumbo Packs on sale for $8.49 with a $1 ECB back.  If you combine the sale with the $3 off magazine coupon PLUS a $1.50 manufacturer coupon from the 4/4 P&G you will pay just $2.99 for a pack of Pampers!  I believe that is really the lowest price you will see for Pampers.  The limit is 1 per card.


  1. says

    I was so psyched when I saw this in my magazine. And I have a $2 mailer Q to combine with it. Thanks for letting us know about the CVS sale!

  2. says

    Any ideas about the next huggies sale? I’ve got $3 off huggies coupons that expire 4/23 and 4/27 and I’d hate to have them go to waste

  3. Jenn says

    I am sure its only for the NEW diapers. The ones in the advertisment for CVS is the OLD PAMPERS.

  4. Charlene says

    Jenn- the coupon is for the new Dry Max. The ad states any Jumbo pack and providing your store carries the new Dry Maxx they will be included. The old diapers are being phased out and replaced- it is not uncommon for large companies to have older images since these things are usually planned out months in advance. Pampers may not have had new images available or CVS may not have taken the time to ensure they had new images for the ad. My CVS store does carry the new diapers because I just bought them so I am quite certain.

  5. Jenn says

    Charlene- They advertised the new ones in the 4/18 ad and they are also on sale this week as well. I think they are phasing out the old ones hence the sale but I have no idea. We stopped buying Pampers because of the crappy new diaper.

  6. Charlene says

    Ok Jenn. I see the old diapers in my ad but the clip I showed says “Pampers Diapers or Easy Ups Jumbo pack” so I feel comfortable with this post staying the same. I guess it is good to note that it may not include the Dry Max so no one is disappointed just in case. I would be very surprised if they were not included since $7.49 is a regular sale price for Pampers and the Dry Max and the old diapers are the same price at CVS. I guess we will have to see on the 25th. I have been wrong before but I would really take issue with CVS for advertising “Pampers Diapers Jumbo Pack” and then excluding certain types of the diapers.

  7. Jenn says

    I wasn’t trying to be rude Charlene I was just trying to make a valid point. Don’t be disappointed if they aren’t included since they are NEW diapers. The Dry Max are more expensive then the old ones in MOST places. I never usually buy diapers from the pharmacies because they jack up their prices.

    This ad has the jumbo packs on sale and in the ad for the 25th it shows the NEW Pampers on sale. I know a lot of places are trying to phase out their inventory on the old line of Pampers.

  8. Charlene says

    I don’t think you are being rude- I am just saying it is possible for sure but I would be very surprised.


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