5 lbs of Pens are Back!

5lbs of pensI think this is a funny sale but terribly practical.  Graveyard Mall has the pen sale again and this time it is fancier pens- most of them should look like the blue one pictured at the very top.  So you get FIVE POUNDS of pens for $13.99 plus about $5-6 shipping.

I always get raves about orders from Graveyard Mall so you will probably get an order that is better than you expect.  This is while supplies last and for those of you with small businesses or teachers this is probably a really great deal.  This works out to about .18 per pen including shipping for a nicer pen!

The reason you get them so cheap is they are logo’d pens from people that have canceled orders, had typos etc..


  1. Hannah says

    I just got my order in that I placed for these pens a few weeks ago. I really like them. They write really nice, and are good pens. I have been selling the 5 for $1 to get my money back also!

  2. Corrine says

    I’m a librarian at a college, and we go through pens like water. I jumped on the 6lbs of pens a few weeks ago and we are LOVING them! There’s always a pen around now!

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