Pampers Diapers Clearance

pampers cruisersI keep hearing about people spotting Pampers diapers on clearance at various stores.  It seems to me they are moving away from the old Cruisers diapers and into the new Dry Max diapers so marking the old packages down makes perfect sense.

I would keep an eye out at all the stores you frequent and see if you get lucky!  I haven’t heard this directly from Pampers so it is just my theory but if you spot a sale than let us know in the comments where you found them!

There are coupons available in the 2/21 P&G, 2/7 P&G,  and 3/14 RP.


  1. Nicole says

    I found some on clearnace at Walmart – they were marked down to $8.oo per pack, down from the regular $8.97. Not too bad with a $2.00 coupon!

  2. sarah says

    CVS has increased their limit to 10 for the pampers deal. I was able to buy 6 packs and get $3 ECBs for every pack. Deal ends tonight though.

  3. Jenn says

    Just an FYI those marked on clearance probably have the new pampers in them. They were sneaky and put the new pampers in the old packaging. So you are scoring the new pampers for a cheaper price. I hate the new ones but am always on the look out for the OLD cruisers that had the mesh liner in them.

  4. Teri says

    My CVS had them for $4.50. I don’t normally buy Pampers, but I got as many as I had coupons for. Can’t pass up a deal like that.

  5. Amy says

    Not sure what the price was, but I saw a bunch clearanced at Target. Wipes too.

  6. Cara says

    I just came from Target and they were all on sale including all of the Pampers Sensitive Wipes! Used with coupons I got a jumbo back of diapers and jumbo box of wipe refills for under $20.00

  7. Mandi says

    Mega packs at my CVS were on clearance for $9 minus $2 Q made them a pretty good deal.

  8. kpashchuk says

    Jenn – I’ve had great luck finding the old kind with the mesh in the form of mega packs at Rite Aid – they’ve been B1G1 50% off a couple of times in the last month – the ones on the shelves at all of our area Rite Aids are so dated that the packages actually advertize the mesh lining, so it’s easy to know your getting the old kind

  9. Kristy says

    I had lots on clearance at my Target, along with some Huggies, too. The tub wipes were on clearance at $2.03 and I used a $1.00/wipes coupon that came from the Safeway coupon book. The diapers were on sale for $7.49 for me, so after the $3 manufacturer coupon and $1.50 target coupon, I got a great deal at $2.99 per pack. I only saw this at 1 of 2 Target stores that I go to, so I might call if you have a long drive. I also got connect 4 free after $4 printable and $3 target coupon, but this deal ends today! I love your site! Keep it up!

  10. Katie says

    I found mine @ Target in DFW area, TX. They were marked to 7.38… so with a $2 off and possibly a target coupon this could be a really great deal!

  11. Anna says

    In kansas city ,mega packs were 50% off making them 9.00 before coupons

  12. Jenn says

    kpashchuk-yeah we have stocked up by finding them at Rite Aid when they had the sales. But we only have 4 more packages left so I need to find more lol.

  13. Anneke says

    Target north of PIttsburgh (zip code 16066) has them on clearance right now too

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