Swagbucks 20 Bucks- Through Midnight PST Tonight!

new swagbucks logo

OK well the Swagbucks party has been a little interesting today.  It seems we might have crashed their site!

I have been waiting for the site to come back up and it looks to be working now.  Hurry and do the following while you can- this code is available until 9pm EST.

If you are already a member you can get 20 bucks in just a second by doing the following:

Go to the Swagbucks Home Page

Click on Blog toward the bottom

swag blogThen on the blog look for the second paragraph down where he will give you a code for 20 points!!  Just enter that back on the home page right under where your points are listed.

(Please do not post the actual code in the comments as that is grounds for losing your account!)

If you aren’t a member hurry and register HERE while the site is up and running!!  Use code: SWAGADVENTURE to get 60 points credited to your account!  Then hurry and do the steps above and you have 80 bucks in just a matter of minutes!


  1. Jessica says

    There is another new blog posting on their site with a YouTube video, get more points if you watch it and enter what he tells you to before 8:00 PST.

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