1. Jamaica says

    Depending on your Rite Aid, there are also $10 and $6 coupons for this on the ad perks video values. One of my Rite Aids let me combine those (as long as the Rite aid logo is on it they said I could combine it) with a manufacture coupon, which should make these nearly free! Combine with other stuff and Use the $5 off $20 purchase and you may be in for a GREAT deal!!!

  2. Trisha says

    I guess the $10 and $6 coupons are no longer available.

    I sure can’t find them.


  3. Kathie says

    I too, could not get a $10.00 or $6.00 coupon for Prevacid. Did get a $4.00 one.

  4. anne guffey says

    Why do they offer coupons when you can not find them? Also, if you find a web site you have to go through a long list of questions which is crazy.

  5. says

    I also couldn’t find the 6 or 10 dollar coupons no where. I see this all the time on pages and never ever get them. Sure I got the 3 dollar coupon but that one I get every month. I hate when they put you can save 6 or 10 dollar coupons but no one can find them anywhere. It’s so frustrating. I use these every month and could really use a savings of 6 or 10 every now and then. But don’t expect to find them they are not out there!!!!!

  6. Charlene says

    Donna this was posted in 2010. You might be less frustrated if you check the dates on things before getting upset :). Coupons don’t last for years at a time.

  7. JC says

    I am facing the same problem as Donna. I see the search engine advertising the coupon is for 2014 and when I click the link I get this page for 2010 coupon or a “page cannot be displayed error.” I can’t even get to the $3 coupon. Reading dates is NOT the problem. It is false advertising through search engines.

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