1. Tabatha says

    The ad perk coupon is an MFR coupon NOT an ad perk coupon so you can’t stack it. But using the $5/$20 or the $3/$15 will make for a decent deal along with it! My rebate also said it was for retail price minus the $4 from the coupon.

  2. Chantel says

    Can you do this one if you did the rebate a couple weeks ago? Its the same thing but with different dates.

  3. says

    Where can I locate a REBATE FORM on the PREVACID….on the back of my Parade…in last Sunday’s Paper with Diane Sawyer on the FRONT…no Rebate Form on the BACk…only the $6 & $10 coupons……

  4. Beverly J. Dowding says

    I sent in a rebate for Prevacid earlier in the year, but have not received the rebate yet. I bought a bottle of Prevacid in Walmart, and there was a rebate coupon that came with it. I filled out all the information, and mailed it in to the address on the literature…….but I never received the rebate.

    The rebate had a $4.00 coupon, which I used, and then I sent in the form for the additional money back, which would have been $20.99.
    The total price of the Prevacid was $24.99.

    Beverly J. Dowding

  5. Charlene says

    Beverly, Maybe you can contact Prevacid about this? I had an awful time finding any sort of contact for them- but here is something at least:

    Takeda San Diego
    10410 Science Center Drive
    San Diego, CA 92121
    Tel: (858) 622-8528
    Fax: (858) 550-0526

    Sorry that isn’t much help.

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