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I wanted to do a vlog for those of you that may not have registered for U Promise or might be confused about the program.  We should see a good Huggies deal next week at CVS so if you are interested in that deal you definitely want to register for U Promise now.  You can get up to $5 in your account by simply purchasing Huggies diapers at CVS- when there will be a great deal anyway!

U-Promise is simple- just click HERE to register your grocery cards (like CVS, Safeway, Kroger etc..) and your debit/card cards. U-Promise will track your spending and when you buy participating items you will get a credit in your account. The account can be added to a 529 account, used to pay off existing loans, or you can get a check to pay for school related expenses!  I am using my account to save a little extra for my girl’s college accounts.

If you have family members you can link their cards to your account and you get the credit for the items they purchase!  This is a super easy way to basically get free money every month on items you probably already buy.

upromiseYou can also add the e-coupons every month to your card and when you buy one of those items, the value of the coupon is added to your account!  I typically add every coupon to my card at the start of the month and I usually have $3-10 in my account for purchasing items I would have bought anyway. This is what the e-coupons look like and there are usually numerous ones to choose from.  You simply click to add them and in seconds you are done.

Remember to add all those coupons to your account after you register!   I will let you know when the new coupons are released- the coupons rotate every 30 days.


  1. nora says

    please help i have the green publix card that says save for college so when i go to cvs and publix do i give them my publix card to scan?

  2. Caitlin says

    Thank you so much for posting this vblog! I have been a member of UPromise for years but I have not be utilizing the benefits. I just went on and linked all my club cards and added the e-coupons. I look forward to saving more for my children’s education thanks to you. Thanks again!

  3. Cheyenne says

    I had joined 7 years ago and forgotton about it. I went to my account and there was already $15! Woohoo! It’s like putting on a pair of jeans you haven’t worn in a long time, sticking your hand in the pocket, and finding $15. Maybe this will help me get my student loans paid off a little faster. Thanks!

  4. Tina says

    This sounds like an awesome program , but can I register my debit/credit card ? I use my debit for all my grocery payments .

  5. admin says

    Yes any card you use to pay for items is exactly what you want to use when you register.

  6. Shelly says

    I had a question about the e-coupons, if you add them and you buy the product at a different store using the atm card you have on file do you still get credit? I added the huggies coupon, but had purchased 3 packs at target to get the $5 gift card, but I thought there was a $3 credit to the account as well.

  7. admin says

    No you only get credit at stores that participate. Target does not participate. You need to check the list of stores in your area that are included and those are the only stores that you will get credit from. For me it is Raley’s, Safeway and CVS but for you it will depend on where you live!

  8. admin says

    No. You can only use your Publix card at Publix stores. That is why you will want to be sure you register your CVS card so that when you shop at CVS and use your Extracare card you get credit.

  9. Kelly says

    I have a question – when you buy online, can you use both Upromise & something like shoptathome? I’ve only been using the Upromise for online shopping, but would love to use both!

  10. Kelly says

    Our Albertsons in CO doesnt have club cards but I went to customer service & they had upromise cards so you might want to check that out since store cards arent available at every store (so you can use cash everytime). Hope that makes sense!

  11. Becky says

    This may seem like a dumb question, but are the e coupon values that are added to your savings account charged to your credit/debit card? Or is this money given to your account by Upromise as a gift? Thanks

  12. Jessica says

    Kelly – I use UPromise for shopping online. It works like the other “cash” back sites. I downloaded the UPromise toolbar and it has a button that pops up green when you access a site that earns you money. Different sites earn a different percentage. I earned a couple dollars last week when I ordered the Avon bath paint for kids that MFA advertised to us and I earned 7% 3 weeks ago when my hubby ordered shoes online. It does add up, slowly but surely!!

  13. admin says

    I am not following you. Are you asking if the value of the coupon is deducted off your purchase? I thought I said a few times but let me make sure it is clear- no. If you have a $2 e-coupon for product x when you go to purchase the product you will pay the full price of the item. If you buy it at a participating store and you use either a payment card (debit/credit or whatever) AND/OR a store card (such as a CVS card) than the value of the ecoupon is deposited into your U promise savings account. It does not affect your transaction in the store in any way whatsoever.

  14. Becky says

    I understand about it not effecting your transaction-what I mean is, is this a forced way to make you save-ie charge your card for the coupon amount and then put it in your upromise account-or this this actually free money we are earning. Sorry my question was confusing.

  15. admin says

    No you will never pay a penny for anything. If you were charged for the service that would be a terrible offer.

  16. Kellie says

    If I upload the huggies pure and natural ecoupon and I buy 3 of them at cvs, will I get $3 to my upromise account? Or is there a limit on how many I can buy that will earn money?

  17. admin says

    You can redeem 1 coupon only regardless of how many you buy. There are usually 3 Huggies coupons every month so you can redeem 3 coupons total as long as you buy the right kind for the coupon.

  18. Becky says

    Thank you so much for this. I am finally signing up and am wondering if I should be adding my credit card number as well as my safeway club card? What is the point of adding both? Also is there an easy way to figure out what the participating items are? Are they just what there are ecoupons for?

  19. Charlene says

    Becky the coupons change monthly so you can just save them to your account and see what you happen to buy or you can print the list out and try to find sales on the items.

    You want to link your debit/credit card in case you go to a participating store that doesn’t have a store card. Safeway has a store card as does CVS but other grocery stores around the country might not so you want your debit card for that reason.


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