Free Children’s Book From Pampers


There is a great offer from Pampers right now that happens to correspond with some great diaper deals!  If you purchase a Pampers Easy Up pack OR any Kandoo product (wipes or toiletries) you can mail in the UPC and they will send you a Scholastic book for free!  The value of the book is $6.99 and it will be Giraffes Can’t Dance or something similar.

They only have 2500 books total so I would get your submission in soon!  Your receipt must be dated 1/28 or later to qualify- get more details HERE.

Thanks Savvy Spending!

***If you want to do the AWESOME diaper deal I told you about HERE you can just substitute a Kandoo item in your order rather than the Pampers wipes.  You will spend about $2 more but you get a full size product and the free book!


  1. Amy says

    Do you think this would work with a Pampers Cruisers UPC or Pampers wipes? Thank you.

  2. Molly says

    I was just reading the rebate form and I don’t see that it actually requests a copy of the receipt…? Am I missing something or do we just send in UPC & name/address/phone info? Thanks!

  3. Laura says

    MFA do you know if this promo is still going, i just bought some Kandoo wipes and wanted to send them in but i dont know if its still avaiable.

  4. Charlene says

    No idea! For some reason I don’t think so but worth the price of a stamp to check!

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