CVS Deals 1/10-1/16


Here are the best deals I see at CVS next week.  Remember for my fellow Californians our ads are usually very different so you have to wait for the actual ad on Sunday to see! There are A LOT of ECB deals this week for the bonus packs I told you about HERE. I am only posting the deals that I think are good ones- some of these items are priced considerably higher than I would ever pay.  Also remember on the bonus packs they have a month long limit- so if you already reached your limit you won’t get more ECBs!

Pantene 2/$6.97
Get $2 ECB back
Use $3/2 from 12/27 P&G
Final Price: $1.97 for 2

Cottonelle TP 20 double rolls $12.88
Get $4 ECB back
Use .50/1 from 12/13 SS
Final Price: $8.38

Cheez Its 2pk $5.99
Get $3 ECB
Final Price: $2.99 or $1.49 per box
*You can also use the $1/2 from 12/13 RP and pay $2.49 per 2pk

Cottonelle 2pk tubs of wipes $5.98
Get $3 ECB
Final Price: $2.98 or $1.49 each
*You can also try to use the $1/2 coupon from 12/13 SS
**This also qualifies for a .50 rebate from Caregiver’s

Buy 2 M&M or Mars Candy Bags at $6 and get $3 ECB
Use $1/2 HERE (M&Ms)
Final Price: $8 for 2 large bags

Extra or Orbit Gum 3/$3
Get $1 ECB when you buy 3
Final Price: $2 for 3

Get $1 ECB when you buy (2) Green Bag Tags at .99 each or Reusable Shopping Bag

GE Reveal Lightbulbs 4pk 2/$6
Get $2 ECB when you buy 2
Use (2) $1/1 from 1/3 SS
Final Price: $1 each when you buy 2

Airwick Freshmatic Spray $5.99
Use $4/1 HERE
Final Price: $1.99

Lysol Freshmatic $5.99
Use $4/1 HERE
Final Price: $1.99

Fruitopia Hair Care $2.50
Use $2/1 from RIB Magazine
Final Price: .50

Viologie Hair Care $2.50
Use $2/1 from RIB Magazine
Final Price: .50

Spend $10 on Loreal and get $3 ECB. Items starting at $4.99.
Use $1/1 eye product HERE
Use $2/1 face product HERE
Use $1/1 lip item HERE
***I would print all these coupons because CVS currently has A LOT of clearance cosmetics! You can easily score a great deal with these coupons!

L’Oreal Studio or Vive Hair Care $2.99
Use .75/1 HERE
Final Price: $2.24

L’Oreal Everpure Hair Care $5.99
Use $2/1 HERE
Final Price: $3.99

Almay Buy One Get One Free
Use (2) $1/1 HERE (Manufacturer coupon with Target logo)

Scope Outlast Mouthwash or Crest with Scope Toothpaste $3.49
Get $1 ECB
Use $1/1 from 12/27 P&G- mouthwash
Use $1/1 from 12/6 SS- toothpaste
Final Price: $1.49

Spend $15 and get $5 ECB (limit 1). Includes:
CoverGirl Clean $4
Covergirl Mascara $6
Herbal Essences or Aussie Hair Care $2.88- use $1/1 from 12/27 P&G
Olay Regenerist Eye Roller or Total Effects Facial care $19.99- use $1/1 from 12/27 P&G*
*This also partially qualifies for both the $15 rebate HERE and the $20 rebate HERE.

Roc Skincare- $3 off
Use $3/1 HERE
Buy cleanser at $7.99 (projected price only)
Should be $3 off
Use $3 coupon
Final Price: $1.99
$10 rebate offer HERE

Aveeno Body Wash $5.99
Use $2/1 HERE
Final Price: $3.99
$10 rebate offer HERE

Aveeno Hair Care $6.49
Use $2.50/1 HERE
Final Price: $3.99
$10 rebate HERE

Aveeno Facial care items $6.99
Use $2/1 HERE
Final Price: $4.99
$10 rebate HERE

Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Care Get $5 ECB when you spend $15
Use $1/1 cleanser or moisturizer from 12/6 RP

Lubriderm Save $2
Use $2/1 HERE
$10 rebate HERE!

Deal Idea for Johnson and Johnson rebate. (I read the rebate to mean that you need to buy 2 different brands.)
Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser $19.99
Clean and Clear Refill kit $6.99
Buy Roc cleanser at $4.99 (if included in the sale)
Subtotal $31.97
Use FREE refill if you buy Eraser HERE
Use $5/1 Eraser HERE
Use $3 off Roc HERE
Final Price: $16.98 and submit rebate for $10 back- like paying $6.98 for all 3 items. If you have a $5 off CVS coupon than you only pay $11.98 and get $10 back! That is a great deal!

Dove Hair Care 2/$7
Get $2 ECB
Final Price: $2.50 each

Maxwell House Coffee Buy One Get One Free $4.99
Use $1/2 from 12/13 SS
Final Price: $3.99 for 2

John Freida Hair Care Buy One Get One 50% off (starting at $5.99)
Use $2.50/1 Luxurious Volume HERE

Clean and Clear Products Buy One Get One 50% off
Use $2/1 HERE
Use Buy One Blackhead Eraser get a Refill Free HERE

Spend $10 on Axe Items and Get $3 ECB. Includes:
Body Spray/Detailer/Shampoo/Body Wash $5 each
Use (2) $1/1 HERE
Final Price: $2.50 after ECB and coupon

Purex Concentrate 24-44 loads $3.99
Get $1 ECB
Use $1/1 HERE (if included- Natural Elements)
or .35/1 from 1/3 RP
Final Price: As low as $1.99

Oral B Toothbrush $2.99
Get $1 ECB
Final Price: $1.99

L’Oreal Preference $6.99
Use $2/1 HERE
Final Price: $4.99

Pampers Baby Dry or Cruisers Big Box $22.99
Get $3 ECB
Use $2/1 from 12/27 P&G
Final Price: $17.99
(This is a better deal if you have a $5/20 coupon!)

MONTH LONG BONUS DEALS (not all stores have this promotion!)

$6 ECB when you buy 6ct. box of Soy Joy, $6
Final Price: Free after ECB

$3 ECB when you buy Oust Air Sanitizer, $3.99
Use Buy One Get One from 1/3 SS
Final Price: $2 moneymaker

{Deal Idea- if you have a $5/20 coupon}
Buy 3 Soy Joy $6
Buy 2 Oust $3.99
Subtotal: $25.98
Use $5/20 CVS coupon
Use BOGO Oust coupon
Final Price: $16.99 and get back $18 from Soy Joy and $6 from Oust for a $7 profit!

$2 ECB when you buy Johnson and Johnson Head to Toe Wash, $4.49- limit 3
Use $1/1 from 1/3 RP
Final Price: $1.49

{DEAL IDEA- if you have a $5/20 coupon}
Buy 2 Johnson and Johnson at $4.49
Buy 2 Oust at $3.99
Subtotal: $21.45
Use (3) $1/1 Johnson and Johnson coupons
Use Buy One Get One Free Oust from 1/3 SS
Final Price: $9.46 + tax and get back $6 in ECB from J&J as well as $6 in ECB from Oust for a $2.54 profit.


  1. natalie says

    Do you know what the limit is on the soyjoy? I have bought 2 and still show as eligible.

  2. Tegan says

    I believe the $3 instant coupon for ROC doesn’t apply to cleansers. At my store, there’s a clearance tag under ROC cleansers but it doesn’t indicate the percent discount and the price check machine shows the clearance price being the same as the regular price. I asked the cashier about the projected discount and she wasn’t able to tell me either.

  3. kelli says

    natalie – the soy joy limit is 6. I bought 6 and my receipt now says limit reached BUT I did read on another website that if you buy more than 3 at a time, you won’t get all of your ECBs. I bought them 2 at a time and got all $36 ECBs.

  4. Tegan says

    Oops my bad on the ROC. The preview has a tiny print of “excluding Brilliance.” Last time, CVS has a $3 instant discount that excludes cleansers.

  5. Paula says

    Thank you for mentioning the caregiver rebates. I had completely forgotten about that program. I have receipts to turn in for 2009.

  6. Hannah says

    A manager for Johnson and Johnson called me back and told me that you can use multiple receipts to add up to $30! I was very thankful for the good news after hearing yes, then no, then yes again. This yes is from a manager, so it is true!

  7. Anne says

    I’m new to CVS and hoping someone can help me. Some of the items in the CVS flyer in the Sunday paper had a little black symbol next to it – something about a coupon on Sunday’s paper. I searched our paper but couldn’t find anything. Does anyone know where to find the coupons? thank you!

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