1. Kate says

    I wouldn’t trust any good deals from Macy’s anymore. That whole Razor Ripstik thing turned out to be a complete SHAM! They cancelled my order a week after I placed it, saying the price was a mistake (yeah, THEIR mistake!) When I complained to customer service and got them to honor the price, I found out 2 weeks later that they cancelled it AGAIN without even bothering to tell me this time. And then they claimed that the item is no longer available!

  2. Amanda S says

    I have not yet purchased a DeLonghi product that I have thought performed well or was worth the money. Bought a cappuccino maker that died about 2 weeks after getting it, and a coffee pot that did the same.

  3. Kelly says

    Seems silly to post on such an old topic, but… I remembered a couple weeks ago that I hadn’t gotten this rebate. When I called the rebate’s 800# I was told that they mailed me a letter (that I never got) telling me the $59 price I paid was too low to qualify for the rebate! It wasn’t in the rebate requirements so I disputed it by e-mailing copies of my submission and finally got the check.

    Anyone else who did this deal might want to doublecheck that they got their rebate check too.

  4. Charlene says

    Oh for heaven’s sake. What a bunch of turkeys! You paid too little. That is ridiculous- glad you got it!

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