HOT Crocs Deal + Free Shipping!

Crocs cayman

It looks like two of the codes might not be working anymore!  Let’s all cross our fingers that the orders ship!

Ok I have been trying to lay off the Crocs posts because I seem to have a new deal every day but this one was too good to not pass along!  There are (2) 20% off codes that are stacking right now to make for a sweet deal!

Use code: MYCOUP20 and then DEALMOM20 and you get 20% for each plus free shipping.

You can also use code: C6VMRVKY3ISA to get an extra 10% off

The outlet styles are already marked down 30%. So here is what I did:

Girls Alice Crocs $14.99
Girls Minnie Mouse Mary Jane’s $9.99
(Both are in the outlet so 30% off those prices)
Then I used DEALMOM20 and MYCOUP20 and finally C6VMRVKY3ISA
My grand total after all three codes was $10.06 for both pairs and shipping is free!!

Let us know if you spot any great deals! Make sure you check the final price not just the subtotal!

PS:  The DealMom20 code expires on Thursday at 1pm!!

Thanks Tara.


  1. KIM says

    How did you get the total to be $4.47? When I checked out a pair @ $9.99 my final total was $6.39.

  2. admin says

    I added the Disney Minnie Mouse Mary Janes which are $9.99. Then I used code: DEALMOM20 and it took off $1.20. Then I used MYCOUP20 and it took off $1.12. The subtotal was $6.99 and then it says $4.47 in the cart and that is what I paid! I see the difference- the ones I selected were 30% off in the outlet so I think that is the difference. Make sure you look at the final total not just the subtotal.

  3. Stevie says

    I ordered my son the Packers crocs.
    They probably wotn fit him for about 2 yrs but it was the only size they had left and for that deal I couldnt pass it up :)

  4. admin says

    Stevie I ordered a size up too since they were a little small last time and I had to return them. What was the price on the Sports Caymans after coupons?

  5. Ann says

    I got a pair of Mammoth Crocs (the one with the wooly inside) for my son and one for me for $23.99 shipped – that’s an amazing deal! I’ve been eyeing these for awhile. Thank you for giving us the heads-up on this great deal!

  6. sarah says

    I can not seem to get the last code to work.. am i entering it wrong?

  7. Rachel Brown says

    Sarah it’s and I not a 1…. I go the Yankees ones for my little guy!! So excited we are die hard Yankees fans!!! Thank you so so much!

  8. Michelle says

    Awesome! I just ordered 2 pairs of flip flops for my parents. The total was $8.05! NICE!

  9. Jerra says

    I got 5 pairs of shoes for 16.00 delivered…You CAN’T beat that! TY MFA!!!!

  10. Michelle says

    I love Crocs and I wish that I could justify buying yet another pair at these amazing prices, but I am just not sure that I can! Thanks for the post and keep them coming! :)

  11. Kristie Burnett says

    THANKS! Just purchased two pairs for a sweet Christmas deal. You’re the best.

  12. Sarah B says

    I purchased a Cubs pair for my son a few weeks back, than a Disney pair, and yesterday I ordered the Gretel one for myself, now with this great deal I ordered another pair for winter and 2 pairs of the Off Roads for my dad. Thank you for the posts. Keep them coming!!

  13. Carla says

    I just ordered 3 pair of flip flops and my total was $12.08 shipped!! What a deal! My daughter has a pair of the Ocean Minded flip flops and loves them. So I ordered her another pair, myself a pair and my niece!! Thanks for all the coupons codes and deals! Love your website.

  14. kelli says

    shoes for 4.02 WHAT A DEAL!!!! We have never worn crocs but I think I have taken advantage of everyone of your croc deals this season! Just got my croc boats….comfy!!! And i can’t wait to get all the rest!!!

  15. Laura Williams says

    This worked out awesome for us! My husband is picky about flip flops and he found a pair he likes and they were just 4.02! I ordered a pair for myself and a pair of Mary Janes for my daughter and spent less than $15! I am psyched.

  16. Jessica says

    I purchased 2 pais of the girls Alice style and 2 pairs of the Disney Hannah Montana Mary Janes and my total was only $26.58!!!

    The regular price of all these would have been $65.96…so I saved almost $40!! These will make perfect gifts and at $6.65 a pair, it’s definitely a deal!

  17. says

    Thank you for the info. All my kids wear adult mens shoes so I was not sure what kind of deals I would find. I was able to purchase 4 pairs of adult shoes for $22.15. I bought the Mens lower shoes, the Hamak sandals, the Mens Mokulua and the Womens Ohana for me. All the codes worked great. I had planned on purchasing more items but shoes kept disapearing from my cart. So hurry when you place your order.

  18. says

    I went back and placed another order and it will not let you use all three coupon codes anymore. I tried over and over. It will take them all but it will only give you the 20% off no matter what. You still get free shipping. I still bought 2 pairs of womens shoes for $12.58 so not bad but not as good as I had hoped. Still happy about my purchase though. :-)

  19. Lisa B says

    The Dealmom20 is not working. It is says it is invalid. It takes code C6VMRVKY3ISA but does not give you the extra 10% off.
    It is only taking 20% off. Still good deal for outlet items.

  20. Sarah says

    I just ordered a pair of Women’s alice mary janes. I have a black pair of them and I love them! I got them for $6.39 with two day express shipping for free!


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