Amazon Prime is Back- 3 Months This Time!

amazon prime

I got the Prime trial last month and let me tell you even if you only shop online occasionally this is something you will love!  It is a service that is normally $76 per year and it allows you to get free shipping on any order! No $25 minimum purchase needed!  In fact I ordered a book for .23 and had it shipped for free- even better it comes 2 day air!

You also get discounted shipping on next day air- so when we were on vacation and broke our camera I paid $3.99 for next day air shipping!

So you can get 3 months of this service right now for just $1!!  This is only available for NEW accounts or those that have not had the free trial in the past. (EDITED:  It looks like this IS working for those that have done it in the past!  Give it a try and let us know if it works for you!)

Here is what you do:

1. Add any of the following books to your account:

Romeo and Juliet $1

Complete Sonnets $2

Jane Eyre $3.50

Great Expectations $3.50

2. Click on FREE 2 Day Shipping on the right side

3. Proceed to Checkout

4. You should get a pop up window that tells you about the trial (so be sure your pop up blocker is off!)

5. Accept the offer and purchase the book you selected*

This will automatically renew you for the service- so to turn that off and make sure you never pay anything just takes a few more steps.

1. Log into your Amazon account

2. Go to Your Account (to the right)

3. Click on Manage Prime Membership

4. Click Do Not Upgrade and Turn off the Auto Upgrade Feature.

That’s it!!  Now the vast majority of your purchases will have free 2 day air shipping!  Whoo hoo!  (A handful of 3rd party sellers will still charge shipping)

*There are ways to get around actually purchasing the book.  This is grounds for termination of your Amazon account. Since these books start at just $1- I would just buy the book even if you don’t need or want it and avoid any problems.  You can always pass it on to a teacher or in your donation baskets and someone will certainly appreciate it!

Thanks Mercedes!


  1. Cheyenne says

    I love Amazon Prime! I’m so addicted to it. I’m still on my free month. I bought a water filter for my fridge and not only was the price better than at Lowes I got it in the mail the next day!

  2. Melissa A. Short says

    I did this last night and didn’t end up buying the book. I did end up buying a lightning toy deal though. My prime had just expired the 23rd. I was able to sign up. Now I’m concerned. You’re telling me that they could terminate my amazon? I would totally cry!!!

  3. admin says

    I am sure it is probably fine Melissa- my point was simply that you might as well just pay $1 and avoid any potential problems. The service is well worth the $1 you will spend.

  4. Colleen says

    I just did this and qualified even though I had the prime trial last month. Mine ended on 12/24 but now I have three more months of it! Whoopee!

  5. Heather says

    does anyone know how long this is going to last? my 1 month trial ends tomorrow. i so don’t want to loose it though – would love 3 more months!!!

  6. Karentina says

    Oooh….you’ve got the BEST tips!! Wahooo! I have been going through prime withdrawls the last 10 days since my 1 month free ended. So excited to have THREE months trial!! :o) Thanks!!!!!

  7. says

    I signed up for the 3-month trial last time (THANK YOU) and it doesn’t expire until Jan. 16. I read in the fine print that this offer is valid until Feb 5, 2010, so I’m going to wait to sign up again until my last one expires. Thanks so much! I love Amazon Prime!

  8. Grateful Mom says

    THANK YOU!!! This is such an awesome deal!! Does anyone know if the leapfrog tag book coupons work on orders from amazon? My target and walmart have not clearanced them yet.

  9. Cheyenne says

    Amazon does not accept manufactures coupons. Just hang on a bit, I think that most of the Targets and Walmarts will be clearancing some of the TAG books, it’s just a matter of when.

  10. Tiffany says

    I have never shopped at amazon before reading your blog. i rarely shopped online. My amazon prime membership along with some of the other awesome deals and freebies you post were my christmas. I can not believe I used to love going to the mall!! I am so happy to get another prime membership!~! amazon has unbeatable prices and I am not looking to purchase any big price tag items. some books and bargins. thanks a ton. i have been telling all my family all about your deals and amazon. (how did i ever live w o amazon?)

  11. admin says

    I never shopped at Amazon much either until starting my blog! What was I thinking? Now I virtually never have to leave my house and I get way better deals- love it!

  12. Bridget =) says

    Thank you Lindsay for pointing out the fine print! mine expires 1/16/10 too – so I will try when it expires =- the last day happens to be my bday! here’s hoping i get that gift! LOL!

  13. Katie says

    Yay! My free month trial ended dec. 24th too, but it worked for me. I also used my amazon giftcard that I got with my swagbucks and so this was completely free! Also, I’ve always wanted a copy of Romeo and Juliet. How cool is this??? Thanks for the info.

  14. says

    Please help me get this. I can’t get it on my old account or a new one. On my old account it does not give me the free 2 day button when I try to order Romeo and Juliet, and on my new account it only offers a free month. I’d love the 3 month, but I’m not sure how to get it. HELP!

  15. Becky says

    Boo! I can’t seem to get to the 3-month trial either! Only offers me one month! Any suggestions????

  16. Crystal says

    I put the romeo and juliet book in my cart, but I did not see anything about free shipping and it wanted to charge me the 3.99 for shipping. Plus a pop up for the free trial never showed up. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I looked all over the site to see how I can email Amazon to ask them but can’t find a link. If anyone knows it that would help. Thanks.

  17. Stephanie O says

    My 30-day Amazon trial ended today, I added the $1 Romeo & Juliet book to my cart & clicked on the “free 2 day shipping link” and was brought to a page telling me I could purchase Prime for $79, but never did get a pop-up or a message that a pop-up was being blocked.

    Is this promo over?

  18. Stephanie O says

    I got it to work!

    You have to add the book to your cart & check out. When you get to the page where you review your order (so you have create or log into your account, enter your shipping address and payment information and then go to the final screen where you review your order prior to it being processed) before its processed) there is a link that says something like “Textbook buyers get free shipping through Amazon Prime”, if you click on that a pop up window will open that has information about signing up for the 3 month trial by upgrading your account.

    This does work with the $1 Romeo & Juliet book.

  19. Crystal says

    I get to the final page and it keeps showing the 1.00 for the book and 3.99 for shipping, no pop up and nothing to click on

  20. Alison says

    Thanks, went through like a breeze! Follow Stephanie O’s comment #22 direction, worked perfectly. I bought Romeo & Juliet, paid only a buck…

  21. Ashley says

    For those of you having trouble getting this to work make sure that you have logged out of your Amazon account first. I too was not getting the free trial to come up so I logged out of my account and then there it was! Hope this helps those of you having trouble!

  22. Beth Z says

    Thank you! I am so excited to have prime again. I had it during the holidays for a month and I shopped on Amazon for so many items. Love this! Thank you! Your blog is awesome!

  23. Andrea says

    Thank you SO much! Mine had ended recently and I was able to renew today (1/18) for another 3 months!

  24. Molly says

    I just tried this today after having read the post a few weeks ago and it worked perfectly for me! It actually even discounted my $1 book so that it was free! No shipping or purchase price at all – the check out showed the book as $1 and a promo credit of $1! Sweet! And, it let me invite up to 4 household members so now my hubby has it on his account too! THANKS!

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