Shopping Trip: Target & Staples


Ok can I tell you I burned rubber out of the garage when Kathy told me about the baby wipes deal.  We need wipes desperately and I never find good deals on them!  So before anyone yells at me for clearing shelves, rest assured I had them bring a box out from the back and left the store with fully stocked shelves.  They had more than plenty on hand.

So here is what I did:

16 tubs baby wipes $1.55 each- used (16) $1/1 Target coupons
Mr Potato Head $5.99- used $5/1 coupon
Paid: $10.96 (Whoo hoo!)

Staples- I did 2 transactions to be able to use 2 coupons
T1: Paper $4.99- used 20% off Office Depot coupon- paid $4.32 and will get $3.99 back in a rebate

T2: Quickbooks $79.99- used 10% off Staples coupon- paid $74.68 and will get $80 back in a rebate
(You can download Simple Start for free- however I always get annoying pop ups and it never works properly. So at this price I thought it was worth waiting for the rebate to not only get it free but also make $5 profit.)


  1. says

    Wow, That’s a ton of wipes, I’m so jealous! We go through wipes like crazy and your right they are a hard one to find a deal on! I would have stocked up too!! Awesome!! I will have to check mine in the morning. Doesn’t it just make you smile when your stocked up on diapers and wipes? Does me, that is the one thing I like to have plenty of lol.

  2. admin says

    Goodness girl- the feeling of calm that comes over me! How funny is that? I have a mess of diapers from AND our CVS had a massive clearance. I got mega packs of Pull Ups and Supremes- 10 packs for $26! And the store thanked me for taking the inventory as they had been trying to get rid of those diapers for weeks. Can you imagine? We will need a spare room soon for all the diapers and wipes :)

  3. Amy says

    I did the Target trip tonight also for the wipes. I looked for the Potato Head, but couldnt find the Xmas one. Did you find it with the Xmas stuff or in toys or somewhere else?

  4. Megan says

    I notice the coupon says SuperTarget, has anyone used this coupon at a non-Super?

  5. nattacha says

    I’m new to the whole target thing!! LOL Where do you get target coupons?? I just got the toy target coupons in the sunday paper, sut do you print off the other ones or just get them in the store?? and how do you get 16 of them?? LOL

  6. nattacha says

    Also will the $2 off Mr. Potato Head from work on the Xmas Mr Potato head?? I still have 3 of those coupns. LOL I tried to use them at dollar general and they said they dont take printed coupons.

  7. admin says

    Yes but you are better off using the $5 off Spud Bud coupons. They are still available.

  8. admin says

    You just need to look at my Target Deals 11/8 post for the link to print the coupons. You can also print them in store- watch the vlog at the top of the Target post to learn how.

  9. admin says

    Yes you can use them at any Target. I have used them for over 2 years at regular Target stores with no issues.

  10. Cassandra says

    I am confused, is the potato head you bought actually a spud bud? What’s the difference? how were you able to use the $5 on a regular potato head? Thanks!

  11. admin says

    It says Mr Potato Head Santa Spud. I am not 100% certain but since it says Spud I would think it was fine to use the coupon. I had no issues with it. I am not an expert on Mr Potato Head so I have no idea what the differences are.

  12. melinda says

    did you have to break your order up or did they just let you use all 16 coupons in one order? I am going to go this morning so I would like to know :)

  13. Lindsay says

    Wish we had your Target :( I would have had to do 16 different transactions for that purchase!

  14. Ariana says

    How did you use 16 coupons for 16 boxes wipes in one transaction? The coupon states “one offer per trnasaction”?

  15. Jenna says

    I did this! Yay! And they let me use all my coupons in one transaction. Tho, I’d have done separate ones if they had told me to, haha. I did rob the shelves tho. I asked if I could get a box from the back, but was told everything was on the shelves. I took all but 3 so could leave one box in each facing. Yeah. So I only got 10, but 55cents apiece? Yay! for cheap baby wipes

  16. admin says

    A minority of stores enforce that rule. My understanding is that it is for stores that have issues with people emptying shelves. I did not- they have plenty of stock so I have never had an issue using more than one coupon. Just get to know your store. You can certainly do multiple transactions. Oh and I actually did two transactions. I bought 10 and then went back and got 6 more.

  17. admin says

    You need to check with your store. Most of them do not limit the transaction but some of them do. So just ask! I would gladly do multiple transactions to get this great deal.

  18. Christy Broadhead says

    Thanks so much for the tip on wipes! I found packs of 40 wipes for $0.97. Perfect for the diaper bag and with the coupon? Free! :)

  19. Jordan says

    My target wipes were priced at 1.87, so I decided to buy the packs of 40 wipes at 1.47…I paid 47 cents each for 6 packs and had no problem at checkout. I also got the little people airport for 19.99 with the coupon! So nice to be getting christmas presents early this year. Thanks for your help! Oh, and I got the santa spud for 99 cents too :)

  20. Lauren says

    Thanks so much for this tip on wipes! My target actually had the wipes tubs reduced to $1.29, so I was able to get 10 tubs for $0.29 each!! Such a deal! My cashier was more than happy to do all of this (plus a bunch of other coupons including a super deal on ocean spray cranberry juice and the holiday Mr. Potato Head) in one transaction!

  21. Lindsey Rachelle says

    Thanks so much for the great deal on wipes! I am trying to stock up on diapers and wipes (I am 5 mos preggo!) I have been a frugalista for a while and never realized the cost of those two things. I had a new cashier @ my target, but she was able to use 15 coupons (tubs were .57 ea and smaller packs were .27 ea!) I bought 5 glade scented oil candles first (had coupons for all of them) and used that $5 gift card to pay for my wipes! I ended up with 15 wipes, 5 glade candles holders (for Christmas), and a Christmas Mr. Potato head for less than $10! Woo Hoo! I just want to say thanks so much for your site! I check it a ton throughout the day! You’re my FAV!

  22. says

    Thank you so much for the heads up!! I went to Target and ran to the wipes they actually had our wipes REDUCED TO $.97!!! I was so excited!! (and I do not even have a baby!!) I bought out the store, when I did get to the register (after using the target machines to print all the coupons) and they were a little overwhelmed (I purchased about 60) they also told me it was only 1 coupon per transaction and I smiled nicely and offered to wait for them to do 60 transactions with me, a manager was called and they used them all at once for a $0.00 balance! I am adding these all to my donation bin!

  23. Shelly says

    I noticed the coupon says SuperTarget. Has anyone tried these at a regular Target store? Thanks.

  24. admin says

    Shelly, If you read the comments you’ll see a few people asked that. You can use Target coupons at any Target store. It does not need to be Super Target.

  25. Chelsea says

    Just got 14 boxes of wipes! They DID make me do 14 separate transactions, but nobody was in line behind me so I didn’t care! They were $.58 a box! :-) Thanks so much! 2nd baby due in Feb, so I KNOW how quickly those will be gone!!!!

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