What is a Catalina?

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A catalina is a little coupon that will print at the cash register.  It can be an actual coupon or it can be treated as cash on your next transaction.

Catalina is simply the name of the company that markets these machines.  Most stores have catalinas that can only be used at that same store.  The exception is stores that accept competitor coupons- such as Publix, Albertson’s or some Walmart stores.

Walgreens has a catalina program called Register Rewards- they have quirks to their program that is unlike any other store.

In general you can “roll” catalinas- meaning you can use one to purchase the exact same product again and you will still get yet another catalina and so on.

You will want to pay attention to these coupons as they are often high in value, can be good for free products or they are worth dollars off on your next transaction.  In the case of dollars off- you can literally hand them over just like cash and use them on the majority of items in a store.

If you do not get a catalina in a store that should have printed you can always contact the catalina company directly.  They will ask for the information off your store receipt (and providing you purchased the correct products) they will actually mail you the catalina!  Typically catalinas do not print because of an error with the machine or it might simply be out of paper.   The machines will typically have a little green light on if they are functioning properly so you can also look for that indicator.

Should you need to contact catalina you will need your store details- name and store #- the date of the transaction, and your rewards card/ club card or receipt to verify the purchase. The phone # is 888-322-3814 and you will need to ask for customer service.

There is no central location that provides information on all the current catalinas by store.  I am not aware of any means to track the offers other than looking for signs in your store, watching for the announcements that occasionally print at the register or reading blogs!

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