Quick CVS Tip: Coupon Scanner

It occured to me some of you might not know about this lovely little machine inside CVS stores. There are usually several located throughout the store and every time you stop in head over and scan your card. You will get a variety of coupons- many of which are really good ones!!
Just recently I got:

a Buy One Get one Free CVS item (which I used to buy baby wipes)
$5 off a $15 purchase
$5 off a $30 purchase

And they used to print $2 off any 2 Gold Emblem nuts (which the single servings are .99 each- so FREE!) but I think they are on to us now as I have been getting $1/2 lately
So you will want to keep scanning your card until the machine tells you no more coupons are available. Sometimes you can get several but the machine only prints 1 or 2 at a time-so just keep scanning away! (You can do this once per card per day)
April I hope that answers your question!


  1. April says

    Yes! Thank you!!! I have never noticed this machine but I will now be on the look out!

  2. Anonymous says

    Is there a rhyme or reason to who gets what coupon? I get the WORST coupons available whenever I scan my card…like $1/2 gold emblem nuts…I have gotten that coupon like 10 times in the past 3 months!! Do you have to go in multiple times per week and scan??

  3. Becca says

    My store (I'm a pharmacy tech) doesn't have one yet, but I have been pushing the store manager to get one ever since I ran acrossed one in a near by store. At the very least they create excitement and interest in shopping at the store…at least that's what I think. (coming from someone who doesn't get the extra coupons.)

  4. Charlene says

    I haven't had a $2/2 nuts coupon in awhile- like I said I think they are on to us and changed it. I thought the coupons cycled through and pretty much everyone got the same ones in a rotation? Anyway, I only scan my card when I go- which is once a week or less.

  5. Jennifer says

    Thanks for letting me know about scanning your card more than once! I always just scanned once and thought that was it. Today, I tried it and got three coupons on the second scan! Thanks for the tip!

  6. downhere says

    I was in my store this morning (in Las Vegas) and looked around for a kiosk. I don't think we have one. I also inquired after the reuseable bag tags and they had no clue what I was talking about. Hopefully they're just behind the times and will get this stuff eventually.

  7. *~Jackie*~ says

    I asked about the tags yesterday too downhere and a lady that worked there was also in line and told that lady that was checking me out where they were and said they just came in yesterday.. SO yea they will be getting them soon.

  8. April says

    I went to CVS yesterday, no coupon scanner! But I asked the manager if they had one and she said they would be installing one later this week! Yeah!

  9. Priya says

    Thank you very much for the information .. Had been to CVS yday and guess what i got …$5 off $15 coupon on scanning my card.The machine was right there at the entrance. Huggies diapers were on sale and i used this coupon and a manufacture coupon to make the deal really very sweet. Thanks once again …

  10. Ruth James says

    What I have noticed is that the machines are programmed for what you are buying PLUS some random ones. I buy alot of diapers for my new grandson and I have twice gotten $3 off Huggies, which combined with manufacturer Q’s and a sale was a triple play!

  11. Katie says

    Been scanning my card every time I go in since I started shopping here 4 months ago, and I have yet to get a single $4/20 coupon, but my sister in another store gets several in a week sometimes. Where is the logic? Those would make for some really SUPER deals!

  12. angela says

    I actually have 2 EC cards and always scan both. I hit 2 CVS’s so they dont’ catch on but my coupons are often not the same. One account often got good ones like the $4/20 and the other account never did. I don’t think there is a rhyme or reason!

  13. Kelli says

    I have a CVS card, but I don’t “have the card” they just key in my phone number. Any suggestions on how I can get the deals without a card, I have a lot of “points” on my card, for the beauty club…

  14. Charlene says

    Hi She’ll. No your CVS coupon scanner should let you scan once per 24 hr period. You might ask if it is saying once a week :)

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